How My Laser Journey Began.

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Hello and welcome to my blog page! I am often asked, “Elaine, how did you get started in teaching laser?”

As you may already know, I am the Founder + CEO of Dental Laser Integrations. If you have been with me awhile, you may remember me from one of my Dental Hygiene Culture events, one of my laser courses, or from one of my social media accounts. I started my company in 2014, and unlike your typical brick and mortar, I was a solo-preneur on the move with a vision of providing affordable and accessible comprehensive laser education for dental teams across the nation. (I know I know, when I hear affordable, I think cheap, too!) Allow me to explain: I understand how expensive it can be for a practice owner to pack up the entire team and fly them to a course. Or worse, fly the only hygienist in the office to go out, take a weekend course, and expect he or she to come back an implement tangible protocols for success and growth. Easy! Maybe?! What if he or she lacks the tools to do so? So here I am, The Laser Hygienist, with all my years of experience in practice management, business leadership, and preventive clinical care. I’ve poured hours upon hours of personal experience as well as photobiomedical science into my programs, have taken certifications, fellowships, and additional pre-dental studies to become the competent and confident trainer I am today. I am pleased to attract some of the the most brilliant minds in dentistry (hello, have we met?) and work with some of the best business-brains in the industry. In my organization to date, I have two doctors, four hygienists, and one administrator to help in our mission of teaching proper laser education worldwide.

It’s not my company’s rapid growth or bloom that has me surprised, because I started with a clear vision of where I wanted to go. What amazes me is the impact. I have created a platform for new speakers, inspired leadership in the op, and have been told time and again that our courses have reinvigorated a sense of love for dentistry. I feel very fortunate and blessed that my passion for sharing knowledge and expertise in integrative laser technology has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many amazing professionals, and I truly enjoy helping my colleagues, not only grow their practice, but also find a new sense of enthusiasm when they go to work!

I have lived and seen what potential can be achieved and exceeded with the right tools and resources at your reach. I’ve helped offices see better treatment results and bring in more income, which uplifts company culture and creates a thriving and more enjoyable work environment.

Please stay tuned, and invite your dental friends over, as we strive to bring our fresh perspectives and add value to our marketplace!