Dental Hygiene Culture: our movement

all courses are intended for Dental Hygienists. Information presented is based on latest evidenced-based research in biomedical & psychosocial science.  Upon completion, attendees will have an understanding of bulleted course objectives and basic principles as they relate to oral health.credits earned from attending these live courses can be used towards license renewal. 

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Laser VS Local:  A Comparison of Adjunctive Periodontal Therapies2CEU   

  • Compare and contrast anti-microbial agents used today to treat Periodontal Disease.

  • Identify indications and contraindications for patient use

  • Review of current medicaments in dental hygiene therapy

  • review of intended uses and treatment planning considerations

  • differentiate between each mechanism of action and delivery system

  • compare efficacy and substantivity of each medicament

  • cost comparison and insurance considerations

What's All The Craze in the Lase?2CEU  

  • An overview of laser regenerative periodontal therapy

  • Overview of biologic & regenerative effects

  • Review of laser mechanism of action

  • Overview of clinical applications and benefits

  • Importance of obtaining laser education and certification for provider

  • Respond to frequently asked questions and open discussion of clinical and production benefits

  • Considerations prior to investing in a diode laser

This course is intended for all inquisitive dental professionals who have a dusty laser or are considering incorporating a diode laser into their dental practice.  Dinner and demo laser units provided.  Seating is limited.



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