You will be amazed by your lasers ability to take your office to a new level of success and patient satisfaction!

Your laser can prove to be a very lucrative investment with the proper protocols in place. 

Our laser certification courses are considered to be Level I Education, meant to ensure the clinician can safely and effectively operate the technology, per national and state regulations. To maximize your lasers full potential, we recommend you have the entire team trained and refreshed on up-to-date standards & therapies for optimal results, by taking a Laser Cert Course!

Not ready to get laser certified? Are you considering buying a laser for your office?

Interested in learning more about what lasers can do for you and your practice?

Join us for an introductory course!

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Intro to Lasers & Safety Training Certificate 
course is intended for dentists & hygienists

  • dental lasers defined

  • clinical efficacy & research

  • overview of all diagnostics and treatment procedures

  • review therapeutic advantages

  • answer: how do lasers benefit the practice?

  • answer: what are the state laws and requirements?

  • answer: how do I meet the state SAFETY REGULATIONS?

  • considerations before investing in a laser

  • what is your potential return on investment?

    attendees will have the opportunity to demo lasers at this event, and will receive a certificate of completion to satisfy SAFETY REGULATIONS worth 2CEU

Anchorage | Intro to Lasers | 2CEU
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